Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer

Map of Kentucky Counties, 1780

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This series of maps shows the creation of the counties of Kentucky, beginning with the three original Kentucky counties of Virginia. The territory of Kentucky was included in the orginal charter of the Virginia Company of London in 1609. As Virginia organized its western territory into counties Kentucky was included within Spotsylvania county, Orange county (formed 1734/5), Augusta (1745), Botetourt (1740), Fincastle (1772), and Kentucky (1776). Kentucky county was divided in Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties in 1780.

In addition to the major changes when new counties were created there were numerous smaller changes that moved smaller areas from one county to another, sometimes to accommodate a single property owner. These generally affected only a few square miles or less.

North Carolina Territory Commonwealth of Virginia Northwest Territory of Virginia Jefferson County, Virginia Lincoln County, Virginia Fayette County, Virginia

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