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Bryan Station, Kentucky
Bryan Station, Kentucky

Bryan's Station was on North Elkhorn Creek in Fayette county about five miles northeast of the fort in Lexington. The site is now on Bryan Station Road, but at the time it was established it was on the path from Lexington to Limestone that became the Lexington-Maysville Pike. It was established in 1779 by the Bryan brothers and other settlers from North Carolina. The original fort was described as having 44 cabins and a two-story blockhouse. Like most pioneer stations the population was transient and settlers moved on to their own separate farms as conditions permitted. It probably had a peak population of a few hundred. The site of the station is occupied by the 1794 Joseph Rogers house. Some later histories refer to it as Bryant's Station, but the Bryans never used that spelling.

Bryan's Station was besieged by a force of Shawnees and British in August 1782, near the end of the American Revolution. The siege was resisted with only a few casualties among the settlers.

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